Purchase Policy

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We are fairly new to goats, and so we welcome others who are new to goats to explore this world. However, we do hope that if you have not had goats before you will read about them, research what you can, and ask lots of questions so that when our babies go home they will get excellent care.

The goats being raised and cared for at Udder Grace are well loved and happy pets. We want them to stay that way! We will only place them in the best possible homes and have adopted the following purchase policy:

-Goats are herd animals.  They do not thrive in solitude.  Therefore, we require the purchase of at least two goats unless you currently own other goats.

-We reserve the right to retain any animal we wish at any time and/or to refuse purchase to anyone with or without explanation.

-If at any point after purchase you become unable to care for your goats, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you in finding a new home for the animals. We cannot take them back due to contamination worries, unless you have them tested fully, however, we will do what we can to assist you.

-We do not sell our animals for human consumption.  (We are not quite ready to hear how the little buckling we cuddled ended up on your dinner plate.  Sorry.)

-The prices of all goats are set by us and are subject to be changed by us if necessary.  All prices are for cash sale only!  A non-refundable deposit (applied to the purchase price) will be required to place a specific goat on hold.  If we decide to retain a “held” goat for any reason the deposit will be refunded or applied to the purchase of another animal.

-Kids are typically weaned from their dams around 8-12 weeks of age.  This is the age they will be available. If you wish to bottle feed we can make those arrangements before a litter is born. Though dam raised kids may be initially more shy, they very quickly come around when they are weaned from mama.

-Our herd is disease-free and any goats we sell are healthy to the best of our knowledge. We test for CAE regularly and our entire herd is negative. If within 30 days of purchase an animal is deemed by a veterinarian to have had a disease or life-threatening illness present prior to your date of purchase, you may return the animal to us along with a signed statement by the veterinarian and we will refund the purchase price to you.

-We cannot guarantee milk production, show quality (specific height qualifications), or whether or not scurs may occur.

-Goats are to be picked up from Udder Grace within the arranged time otherwise boarding charges may be applied.  All goats must be paid in full before leaving our farm.


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