This is Me…..

So I realized something the other day.

First, I am and always will be a bit of a nerd. To those who know me this is no shocker.

I never owned a pocket protector. I didn’t wear thick glasses and have allergies that made me a sniffling wimp. But I was still a nerd. I was not a cheerleader in high school. I was not and will not ever be into sports. I was not popular. I liked school well enough. I liked to learn things, and loved science. I hated classes I felt were pointless, but generally breezed through well enough.

I’m glad life after high school is more friendly to us nerds. I mean, in real life you want to know some nerds. We like to learn new things. We know how to do stuff. We look at the world as a puzzle and enjoy figuring it out. Why did I learn to knit? Because it intrigued me and I thought, “I bet I can do that.” Same with soap making, face painting, fixing my dishwasher and mixer and any number of other things. I still am happy to sit down with a good book for hours and hours at a time. I still will research something just because I want to know. I like teaching my children history because I get to relearn it right along with them.

Anyway, I have a point here. I was learning about making lotion and the techniques required, and one of the suggestions for proper hygiene was to wear a clean lab coat each time you make it. And, I have to admit, I was happy about this. I got to buy a lab coat! Yay! The little nerd inside me was doing cartwheels. (Ok, they would be bad cartwheels. OK, fine she would probably be falling on her bum, but she was happy, OK?) I think any nerd would get this. Buying a lab coat=fun, right?

Well, here’s where the realization came in. I realize my husband is NOT a nerd. He didn’t get it. He saw the shipping notice and asked, “Why are you buying a lab coat?”

I smiled and said, “Because I wanted one.”

I looked at me like I might have lost it. I said, “OK, I read that I should wear a dedicated outfit for making lotion and a lab coat made sense.”

“And I wanted one.”

He could accept the need but not the want. Nothing in him saw something fun about owning a lab coat.

You would think I would have know this before but it just hit me. He really isn’t a nerd.

Good thing I love him anyway.

But, this is me. I’m a nerd. And I am good with that.