In the interest of not reinventing the wheel, here are links to sites that I have found helpful. I know that I haven’t been involved with goats too long, and I defer to the experts!

The American Dairy Goat Association
We are members of this association and our goats are registered with them.

Fiasco Farm
This is an awesome site which has a TON of information of general goat care. I really appreciate all she has worked to put on here! She also comes from more of an herbal/holistic standpoint, which I agree with. The sister site, accessible from the same link, Molly’s Herbals, sells the herbal de-wormer which we use.

Kat at Fir Meadow is a great herbalist and makes a number of really good products, for your goats or for yourself! I am a big fan of the Mammarease salve for udders, great stuff! It really helped Phaedra when she had some udder issues and off tasting milk. Couple weeks of that salve and the milk was tasting awesome!

Pholia Farm-
Good info here. This breeder has Nigerian Dwarfs. I built my milking stand off their plans. Very easy and appropriately sized for Nigerians. I was worried that the PVC would be wobbly, but it isn’t and is easy for me to move on my own since it is so light!

Goldenbrook Farm- Another Nigerian Dwarf breeder, good info.

We have planted comfrey to supplement our goat and chicken feed. Read more and buy here-

Nigerian Meadows– Nigerian Dwarfs in Wilson County, NC

Fields of Grace– Nigerian dwarfs in Sevierville, TN

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