Azure Standard Day! July 2014


I’m willing to admit it. I may have gone a bit overboard.

But I have been waiting for YEARS for Azure standard to have a drop point close enough to me! YEARS! So, that being considered  I think I was reasonable. Or at least that’s what I am telling myself.

In my order this month I received the following:

2- 40# bags of Organic, soy free chicken feed
It’s just impossible to find organic feed around here so I was very happy to get it and at a reasonable price!

1 Gallon of raw apple cider vinegar
This goes in my goat’s drinking water to help prevent urinary calci and I use it on my hair. Along with some other things.

1 Gallon Blackstrap Molasses
Also for the goats

25# White Wheat Flour – Mainly for breadmaking

25# Organic Popcorn

5 Gallon Bucket with Gamma Seal lid (for the popcorn)
I was really happy that Azure installed the lid on the bucket for me. I have done a bunch of them myself and they can really be difficult!

2 Gallons Organic Fresh Apple Juice (arrives frozen)
This is by far the best Apple Juice I have ever had and my kids are raving about it!

2 Organic Chocolate Syrup

1- 8oz. Raw Milk White Cheddar Cheese

1- 26oz. Redmond’s Real Salt

4- 1 lb blocks of Rumiano Butter
I heard great things about this…..we will see.

1- 33oz. Bubbies Dill Pickles
Holy Cow. Really. Best Pickles I have even had. Hands down. I will be buying more jars next month as we finished these in a week.

5# Organic Evaporated Cane Sugar

1# Nacho Cheese Popcorn Seasoning, Organic

1# Organic Taco Seasoning

3 seasoning containers with lids

5# Organic Carrots

1# Organic Bing Cherries (These were sadly smooshed in the order. Azure promptly refunded me for them though.)

5# Organic Oranges (Also Smooshed into juice and refunded)

1- Red Mill Hearty Grain Bread Mix

5# Organic Steel Cut Oats

1 Case of Shelton, free range Ground Turkey (arrives frozen)
This product is not organic but it looks loads better than the ground turkey available at my local store.

1 Quick Bean Soup Mix

1 case Organic Diced Tomatoes

6 Cans Organic Tomato Sauce

6 Cans Organic Tomato Paste

2# Organic Sucanat

2- 32Oz. Vanilla Goat Milk Yogurt

1- Sprouted Wheat Tortillas

3- Sprouted Corn Tortillas

1- 4oz. Nutritional Yeast Powder

3- 10 Oz. Organic Chocolate Chips

Coral white toothpaste in adult and kids’ formula
I am liking the adult tea tree oil blend.

Detox Deodorant

Wart Wonder

5# BioKleen Laundry Powder

1# Ginger Root Powder

1# Organic Cinnamon

2# Organic Mustard Powder

2# Organic Garlic Powder

1# Rosemary Leaves

Whew! My next Month’s order will be considerably smaller! However, I am really enjoying trying some of the new products and overall have been very pleased with the quality. Now if my produce could NOT get squished…..